18 Items at Walmart that Aren’t Worth Your Hard-Earned Money

For many of us, Walmart is the go-to superstore. Whether we need groceries, clothing, or technology, Walmart is a one-stop shop for everything you would need. However, there are some Walmart products you should avoid at all costs, such as the following 18 examples.

Wrapping paper

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If you’re in a rush and need to purchase wrapping paper, Walmart may seem great for convenience, but the price is extortionate! It will cost you almost $5 for one roll, and in contrast, you can pick from a wide selection of designs at a fraction of the price in Dollar Tree.

Party supplies

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Alongside wrapping paper, party supplies from Walmart are extremely expensive. When shopping for party supplies, you can expect to spend five times more at Walmart than you would if you purchased from a party store or a dollar store. You will see significant savings if you buy elsewhere.


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It’s undeniably quick and convenient to print photos at Walmart, but if time is not of the essence, do it elsewhere. MakeUseOf demonstrates that there are many places online where you can print photos for an insanely low cost, far cheaper than at Walmart.

Wood furniture

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Walmart’s low prices on wood furniture may seem like excellent value, but the price reflects the quality. These inexpensive furniture pieces are really attractive and an affordable way to set up your home, but don’t expect them to last long, as you get what you pay for.


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Always located next to the cashier at Walmart, batteries are placed here to attract impulse purchasers. However, they’re significantly more expensive than in other stores as you are paying for the convenience. It would be wise to buy them in bulk from Amazon or Costco instead.


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The same coffee brands you can purchase at Walmart can be bought at Dollar Tree for a far lower cost. Many people are deterred from buying coffee from discount retailers because they think it will be lower quality, but when it’s an identical product, how can this be so?


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Walmart has a wide range of electronics; however, there is one major reason why you should avoid purchasing them there. This is because the level of customer service and knowledge around these products is minimal, so unless you know exactly what you need, shop at a specialist store instead.

Phone Accessories

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Phone accessories are way more expensive at Walmart than in other stores. Moneywise points out that Walmart doesn’t make much profit on expensive electronics such as phones, so it makes up for it by overcharging for accessories. You could literally get the same accessories online for half the price.


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Tableware purchased from Walmart is also no higher quality than what you can get from dollar stores. When you purchase the same items from a discount retailer, you are happy to compromise on the quality for the bargain price, yet Walmart offers similar products with no such discount incentive.

Home appliances

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When you purchase home appliances from Walmart, you usually have to wait because unless it’s a small kitchen appliance, it’s unlikely to be stocked in the warehouse. This is why independent retailers are better for home appliances; they specialize in this stuff, so they’ll have more options ready to go.

Gift cards

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Purchasing gift cards from Walmart is convenient thanks to their selection, and you can’t get ripped off with them. However, there are many discount sites where you can get gift cards for the same value but with great savings or cashback, so it’s worth trying these first before heading to Walmart.

Meat and fish

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Next, it’s meat and fish. Outrageously, Consumer Reports found Walmart to be the grocery store that received the highest complaints in regard to its meat and fish. Complaints were concerned with the lack of variety and quality, but to make matters worse, Walmart was also sued in 2019 for incorrectly labeling its weighted products!

Kitchen appliances

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Walmart sells extremely inexpensive kitchen appliances, but it is highly likely you’ll need to replace them within a few years. The initial savings are not worth it if you have to fork out again a few years down the line, so just invest in something of higher quality elsewhere.

Fresh produce

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Much like other products on this list, fresh produce at Walmart is highly convenient, but it comes with a high price tag. Your local farmer’s market will have far more affordable prices, and it’ll also be much higher quality, fresher, and less processed.

Cell Phone services

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Walmart’s Straight Talk is a low-cost, no-contract cell service provider that offers undeniably great affordability, especially on family plans. However, Clark.com claims that data speed is a big concern of using this provider. You should consider whether this is going to meet your needs before you commit.

Great Value

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Walmart’s low-cost grocery brand, Great Value, will initially seem to live up to its name, at least in terms of price. However, unit sizes are pretty small, and the quality is far worse than that of more expensive products, so you should only consider buying these products if you’re in a tight pinch.

Organic products

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Many people think Whole Foods has high prices when compared to Walmart, but not when it comes to organic food. When you compare items of the same quality, they are often cheaper at Whole Foods. Whole Foods buys its products in greater quantities, generating savings it can pass onto its customers.


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Finally, if you think you’re getting higher-quality nutritional value from more premium brands at Walmart, think again. According to Vitacost, the brand name and price tag do not reflect the quality of the vitamins and minerals. Inexpensive vitamins found at discount stores are just as good as fancy brand names.

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