19 Signs That Say You’ve Officially Entered Old Age

Old age comes for us all, though we do our best to resist it for as long as possible. But aging isn’t only gray hair, wrinkled skin, and yelling at kids to get off your lawn. Here are 19 signs you’ve realized you’re no longer the young stud you once were!

Modern Slang Confuses You

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Nowadays, young people have a slang term for everything. For those who didn’t grow up with TikTok trends, it isn’t easy to keep up. USA Today reports that older people are regularly confused by Gen Z terms like ‘cheugy’, ‘drip’, and ‘bet’. If you’ve given up trying to learn them, you’re probably old!

Your Back Hurts All the Time

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Anyone can get back pain, but the unbearable, searing agony of back pain that never ends is a physical sign that you’ve entered old age. Suddenly, bending over hurts, and so does straightening up and even sleeping. And if you frequently complain about it, you’ve likely accepted that you’re old now.

You Hate Noise

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Our ears become more sensitive to noise the older we get, so there’s a reason old people are always complaining about noise. Young people love loud parties, concerts, and festivals, but if those aren’t your scene, you’ve officially entered old age. Luckily, having a quiet night in can be just as enjoyable.

You Often Forget People’s Names

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It’s a frequent joke that older people are forgetful, but it’s actually quite common to forget people’s names with age. The older you get, the more people you know, so it can be hard to remember every name. But even though it’s a normal part of aging, forgetting names can be annoying and inconvenient!

You Get Sick Easily

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Our immune systems weaken as we age, making them slower to respond to viruses. This causes us to get sick far more quickly than when we were young and could easily fight off sickness. Taking time off to recover might make you feel old, but it’s the best thing to do for your health.

You Remember a Time Before Phones

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Nowadays, phones are everything. A survey by the Pew Research Center found that only 61% of people over 65 own a phone, compared to 96% of people aged between 18 and 29. Even if you own a phone now, if you can remember a time before phones existed, you’re officially old by today’s standards!

You Prefer Staying In

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Sometimes, going out seems like too much effort, and a quiet night at home is much more appealing. There’s no shame in choosing comfort and peace over noise and socializing, especially if you can accept that you’re older now and stop making yourself uncomfortable to please society.

You Have to Scroll For Your Birth Date

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Nothing reminds you of your old age quite like opening a digital list and having to scroll for a long time to find your birth date. It reminds you that people much younger than you have also grown up and passed the legal age, making you feel quite dated by comparison.

You Avoid Busy Places

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Being stuck in a crowd is a sensory overload; that anxious, overwhelmed feeling only worsens with age. If you avoid busy places that younger generations actively seek out, including malls, nightclubs, and bars, you probably feel old, and there’s no shame in that. The older you get, the less you’re willing to put yourself in such situations.

You’re Never Asked For ID

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When you’ve long passed the legal age, being asked for ID is a badge of honor, so it’s a blow to the ego when that stops. While younger people complain about being ID’d constantly, older people really enjoy it. If you can relate to that, you’ve probably entered old age.

Technology Baffles You

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It’s an ageist misconception that old people can’t use any technology, but there are so many modern devices and appliances that are just unnecessarily confusing. Nowadays, cars have touch screens, you can control your doorbell with your phone, and fridges can connect to the Internet. If such things baffle you, it’s time to accept your age.

You Love Napping

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You’ve officially entered old age if you can’t think of many things better than a good nap. Research by the National Institutes of Health found that older adults nap more frequently due to age-related changes in circadian rhythm and sleep patterns. It’s good to look after your health, even if napping makes you feel old.

You Know Your Limits With Alcohol

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When you’re young, you can quickly lose track of how many drinks you’ve had and still keep partying, but that stamina reduces quickly with age. Knowing your limits with alcohol is a sign of maturity that only comes with age, especially if you’ve had some bad experiences in the past!

You’re Losing Hair

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One of the worst parts of aging is losing your hair because it’s such a visible and undeniable sign you’re entering old age. Hair loss occurs due to thinning and shrinking hair follicles, and though you can buy shampoos to slow it down, the aging process doesn’t stop.

Your Favorite Songs are Considered ‘Oldies’

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Some of the best music comes from decades past, but it still stings to hear younger generations refer to the songs you grew up with as ‘oldies’. The urge to passionately defend your favorite songs might make you feel even older, especially when you compare them to songs nowadays.

You Lack Energy

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Older people typically have lower energy levels than younger people, so they struggle to keep up. Your social battery also runs down more quickly with age, so you might find yourself going home early because you’re worn out and tired.

Your Knees are Stiff

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Like a bad back, stiff knees are physical reminders that you’re getting older. According to Harvard Health, knee pain is commonly caused by worn-down knee cartilage, and can massively disrupt your daily life as you age. Suddenly, squatting down, climbing the stairs, and walking too long is incredibly painful!

The Little Things Excite You

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When you’ve been alive for a long time, there’s probably little left that you haven’t seen or done before. That’s why the little things become more exciting. Simplicity is no longer boring; it’s comfortable, and you find yourself seeking more of it as you age. That doesn’t make you dull; it just means you’re getting older.

You Say ‘In My Day’

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We all like to discuss our experiences, but if you catch yourself starting sentences by saying ‘in my day’, you’ve officially entered old age. Young people regularly associate this short phrase with nagging old people, even if it isn’t intended that way. Unfortunately, yearning for the past over the present immediately shows your age.

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